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MDS Brochure/Tradeshow Booth


MDS Micro co-manufactures with Super Micro Computers, Inc., enterprise-class, eco-driven server solutions specifically addressing key data center issus. MDS servers offer industry-leading performance and computing density fully optimized for a wide array of mission-critical and compute-intensive environments. Bottom line, MDS provides optimized Enterprise-class server solutions.

MDS needed a complete "Roll-out" campaign for all their new products and services. This included a trade show booth, business cards, and a product guide featuring MDS' vSeries Blade Servers for the upcoming VM World trade show. Belm Designs had less than a month to complete and deliver all the high-end marketing tools for the event.

MDS Micro staff were pleased with the booth design, which reflected the clean look and feel used by the website. Matching business cards were also created. The product guide turned out exceptional and was well received by potential clients. The look and feel of the product guide was high-end, informative, and professional. This aided in the new company's brand awareness efforts and was a great first step in to the competitive world of high-end computing.