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Product "Swift" Packaging

Century Helicopters was established in 1987 to supply the R/C helicopter market with high quality helicopter kits, useful accessories and performance upgrades. In 1992 they introduced their first 30-46 size helicopters, the Ninja Pro and the Ninja Pro Master. These models manufactured in the USA, were high spec. machines in both performance and price.

Century asked Belm Designs to come up with an eye-catching package design for the release of their newest helicopter, “Swift”. The graphics had to be top-notch with flare for techy/ speed demons. A special typeface was created and used in the layout to give the packaging the look Century was after.

The packaging was a huge success with hobbyist and product buyers. The design was noted as clean and modern, and set well with younger buyers. The packaging also differentiated itself in a sea of similar products and produced greater brand awareness. Century was so pleased by the design that they asked us to create all their products' decals.