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Tradeshow/Product Overview Video

Celestix Networks produces a rapidly expanding range of ready-to-deploy security solutions for IT networks. The Celestix product line consist of the world's best-selling Microsoft Windows-based security appliances.

Belm created a web/trade show video showcasing Celestix’ product line. A subject like network security is usually serious and downright boring, but Celestix wanted something fast, informative, and fun.
The idea was to present the line of products as a time/ money saving devices, thus the name “Time Machines”. This theme carried throughout the video as a fast paced sci-fi teaser and gave viewers all the information needed to consider Celestix as a major player in the Internet security arena.

The video has been instrumental at trade shows. Attendee’s stop, view and comment which then acts as a springboard for the sales team. Youtube and other online sources present the video, which promote brand awareness through the cool spot.