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Founded in 1993, Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro) emphasizes superior product design and quality control to produce highly reliable mission-critical servers that maximize price/performance ratio for its customers.

Super Micro was about to embark on a new chapter as they make their Initial Public Offering (IPO). The deadline was soon approaching for that big day and marketing tools were needed for the launch. One of the deliverable was a video that would play on the NASDAQ building in Times Square. The pressure was on to create a piece that would capture all that Supermicro is and does, while dealing with strict video requirements set forth by NASDAQ.

The result was a 30sec. spot utilizing the “We are …” tag stating what Super Micro stands for with their vast array of products, services, and impact on the environment. The video was so well received that Super Micro used it at trade shows and presentations.